Infection Control

The purpose of this document is to help us ensure a safe and healthy environment for all children within our care. At Cherry Childcare to reduce the risk of infections we:

  • Provide protective clothing and equipment for staff in accordance with  company


  • Have daily, weekly and monthly routine sterilising processes in place.

  • Outside contract cleaners clean premises daily.

    • If an outbreak occurs a deep clean is completed in the appropriate area/by

nursery staff and contract cleaners.

It is a fact that children will get ill. By following the guidelines in this policy it reduces unnecessary exposure to illnesses and ensures infections are managed effectively creating a happy and healthy Nursery for all.

If at any time there are any infectious diseases present at the Nursery this will be clearly displayed at the entrance to the room where the infection has occurred.


This leaflet will cover:

What happens if my child is ill at Nursery? What happens if my child is ill at home?

Key guidelines for exclusion.

Information for Pregnant Mothers.


Should your child become ill they should only return to Nursery when your child is over any symptoms in accordance with the guidelines shown in this policy leaflet and are well enough to do so.


What happens if my child is ill at Nursery?

If your child becomes ill at Nursery his/her condition is brought to the attention of one of the senior members of staff / Manager.

A decision is then taken based upon the symptoms including any visible signs and the child’s body temperature as to whether you are immediately informed or whether continued monitoring of the child should occur.

Should a child’s condition deteriorate you will be contacted by a member of the team and actions will be agreed. This could include administering of medicines or collection of the child in more serious cases or if more acute symptoms are present (e.g. vomiting or diarrhoea).

What happens if my child is ill at home?

Depending upon the symptoms you may have to consider excluding your child from the Nursery in accordance with our guidelines later in this document.

Should your child be well enough to attend we do require you to notify us of any illness that has occurred. This ensures our team is able to monitor for any signs of reoccurrence or for unusual child behaviour. In extreme cases, this will also ensure any symptoms of infectious diseases are picked up early and managed effectively.


Key Guidelines for Exclusion

Based upon Public Health England guidance we adhere to the following exclusion periods depending upon the symptoms and illness.

No Exclusion Head Lice Conjunctivitis Tonsillitis Roseola Slapped Check Threadworms

Hand, Foot and Mouth

48 Hours

Vomiting – after last symptom Diarrhoea – after last symptom Impetigo – until lesions are crusted & healed or 48 hours after antibiotic  treatment



4 Days from symptoms

*German Measles


Chicken Pox – until vesicles have crusted over


5 Days from  symptoms

*Whooping Cough – 5 days from commencing antibiotics

*Mumps – 5 days after onset of swelling


*Scarlet Fever – can return 24 hours after commencing antibiotics

Scabies – after the first treatment

Ringworm – exclusion not normally required


*Notifiable Diseases

There is a list of notifiable diseases, the nursery has a duty to keep records of any children who have suffered from any of these illnesses. Some are named in this leaflet and are shown by a ‘*’ by the relevant illness.

In these cases, we work closely with you the parents, PHE and Ofsted to ensure we follow any additional advice that may be given.

If there is an outbreak of infectious disease and/or following advice provided by Public Health England Cherry Childcare may increase the exclusion periods in order to manage the infection and reduce further transmission.


Information for Pregnant Mothers

There are a number of infections which can be harmful to the unborn baby.

These include: Chicken Pox

*German Measles (Rubella) Slapped Cheek



If you or your child has been at the Nursery when one of the above infections is present we advise you to see your GP/Midwife to check if you are immune and seek their professional medical advice.


As a responsible childcare provider following advice from Public Health England we recommend that all children follow the ‘Routine childhood immunisation programme’.

This reduces the risk of exposure to children in our care of infectious diseases.

(Please ask the nursery office for the relevant childhood immunisation booklet if parents have not received in their welcome pack)

However, we are aware that the immunisation programme is not legislative.



We are happy to administer the giving of antibiotics if your child has been prescribed them. Please ensure you discuss with the team your child’s illness, dosage & frequency and any possible side effects your child may have from the medication.


How can YOU help?

You can help support infection control by following the guidance in this policy and encouraging good personal hygiene:


Using the hand sanitizers on entering the building

Regular handwashing with soap Covering your mouth when you cough/sneeze

and using a tissue where possible Disposing of tissues into the rubbish bin (with

lids) promptly and carefully Cleaning hard surfaces e.g. door handles

Making sure all children are encouraged and supported to follow the above.


For more information

For more informationcontact: www.publichealth.hscni.netor



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