30 Hours Funding

Childcare, 30 hours funded childcare

Monthly invoice

You will receive a monthly invoice which will tell you about:

The amount due each month will be the invoice total shown at the bottom of the invoice.

If you are paying by Direct debit the total amount outstanding will be claimed. Our preference is to email your invoice to you automatically if we have your email address.  You will simply open your email using your password (child’s first name in lower case) you will be able to view your invoice.

You can also view your monthly invoice and fee balance via the Parent Link app using your user id (your email address) and password.


tax-free childcare

Parents are able to set up an online account where they can bank payments for childcare.  For each £8 you pay in, the Government will add an additional  £2 up to a maximum of £2,000 per year per child. Families of disabled children receive help with their childcare costs to a maximum of £4,000 per year.

Tax-Free Childcare is being rolled out gradually and will eventually cover all families with children under 12 if they meet the required work and income criteria. Self-employed can also benefit from this scheme. There is an upper-income limit per parent of £100,000 to qualify, and a minimum weekly income level per parent equivalent to 16 hours worked at the National Living Wage. Note- Tax-Free Childcare is replacing childcare vouchers – you cannot have both!

We strongly advise parents to ensure we have received payments by the 15th of the month from your invoice date.  Activating the payment does mean we will receive it in time. Late payments will be subject to late payment fees. 

15 hours Funded Childcare & 30 Hours Funded Childcare

The current 15 hours of funded childcare is now known as the Universal 15 Hours and applies to all 3-year-olds.

The additional 15 hours which is subject to eligibility criteria is known as the Extended 15 Hours.

Together they make up the 30 Hours which is also known as 30 hours funded childcare and 30 hours funded childcare

Funded Hours Myth Buster –

  1. The hours are not “free” but are funded by the Local Authority.

  2. The funded hours do not include the cost of meals, snacks or other items. The costs of these are excluded from your funded hours.

  3. The maximum hours in a year which is claimable is 570 Universal and an additional 570 Extended (if eligible) totalling 1140 hours.

  4. The funded hours are only paid for 38 weeks per year and not 52. As children in our care attend all year we stretch the funding over the full year to provide you with equalised payments. Funded hours are spread equally across a child’s attendance, hours above the entitlement will be charged at the standard rate.

  5. The maximum funded hours claimable (term time equivalent) cannot exceed the day/session length attended.

For more information about our Flexible Funding please ask the Nursery Manager.

  • You will need to read the local authorities Privacy Notices in terms of how they handle your data in relation to claiming and managing Funded Hours. For Surrey – GDPR Privacy Notice Surrey

Check your eligibility for 30 hours funded childcare – click here

VERY Important –

  • HMRC codes MUST be obtained BEFORE each “term” start date that you wish to claim the Extended Hours.

  • You will need to read the local authorities Privacy Notices in terms of how they handle your data in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Surrey – GDPR Privacy Notice, Hampshire – Privacy Notice, Bracknell Forest – Privacy Notice, Buckinghamshire – Privacy Notice

  • You cannot request sessions until you have the 12 digit HMRC eligibility code. To obtain your code please see the HMRC eligibility website for more details.

  • You will need an active Direct Debit

  • Other Terms and Conditions apply

For more information click below

Funded Hours Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the funded childcare made up?

There are two elements making up 30 hours funded childcare. The Universal 15 hours which all children aged 3 are eligible for and the Extended 15 hours which is subject to HMRC eligibility criteria. Together they make up the 30 hours.

As an all-year care provider, we stretch the funding over 12 months to provide you with equalised payments.

For Extended Hours you must renew your code with HMRC in time before the funded period. Failure to do so will mean we cannot claim from the Local Authority and you cannot benefit.

The number of funded hours claimed is shown on your monthly invoice. The funded hours are not a subsidy and cannot be represented as a monetary value. We may charge for meals, snacks, consumables such as nappies, sun cream and for services such as extracurricular activities as part of the funded place. We are entitled to charge outside of the funded hours commercial rates. Note- we do not charge by the hour and are rates are for the session(s) attended inclusive of the funded hours which are provided free to you.

IMPORTANT – you are required to be in attendance for the funded hours claimed.

We provide flexible funding options for children that attend all year. We will continue to provide the funded childcare as part of our sessional care arrangements.

Do I need to reserve a place for my child to benefit from the current Universal 15 hours?

No, when your child becomes eligible for Free Entitlement your current sessional attendance pattern is automatically transferred to the Preschool. As your child becomes eligible for the current 15 hours you will be given a funded hours parent fee structure and a quote for the new costs of care.

What if my circumstances change?

If your financial circumstances change and you no longer meet the Extended 15 hours criteria you will no longer be entitled to receive this benefit. There is a “grace” period detailed on your code from HMRC where you can still receive this benefit. You are required to advise us of any changes.

What if I miss the cut off date to renew my code from HMRC for Extended Funding?

In simple terms, if you do not renew by the cut-off date we cannot claim the funding and you cannot benefit. You can appeal to HMRC and it is at their absolute discretion whether they renew your code. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any support with disputes as to the relationship between you and the Local Authority.

Can you give an indication of fees with the Extended 15 hours?

Yes, the nursery is able to provide you with indicative costs based upon our funded hour's parent fee structure.

Will there be funded only places available for the Universal & Extended 15 hours?

As we employ staff and operate all year, we have limited availability for funded only Term Time Extended Hours and Universal Hours. These are excluded from our Flexible Funding offer and only available between 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm daily. All funded hours are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

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