Child Development

At Cherry Childcare we operate a “Child Development Records System”.  Each child is assigned a member of the team in their group room. 

This Key Person is responsible for helping

both you and your child to settle into the nursery. 

They will explain the daily routines of the nursery with

particular emphasis on aspects of your child’s individual

needs e.g. potty training, dietary requirements, likes and

dislikes, etc.

Your Key Person will talk to you informally

when you arrive to collect your child, letting you know the

events of the day.  During these times she is also available to

discuss any items of immediate concern e.g. if your child has not slept, is feeling unwell or has not eaten. 

The progress of all children is monitored using our Tablet-Based Technology and you are able to see progress and daily activity using the Parent App.  Annually, we have a Parent’s Evening when your Key Person will talk to you in detail about your child’s progress; the Development Record is used as the basis for the discussion. You are able to view observations and your child's progress using the Parent Link App.

Kids Blowing Bubbles