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Kick start your career in childcare today with a childcare job at Cherry Childcare! Cherry Childcare is a family run childcare provider established in 1993 dedicated to providing outstanding childcare for working parents.


At Cherry Childcare we strongly believe in career progression and provide our staff with quality training, resources and benefits.


We offer an array of childcare jobs from Trainee positions through to room leader and managerial positions at our nurseries in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Buckinghamshire. 


Trainee Childcare Jobs

If you are looking to get started in a childcare career we offer trainee childcare jobs, for those looking to earn while you learn and obtain childcare qualifications. 

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Qualified Childcare Jobs

If you already hold a Childcare Level 2, Level 3 or above then click below to explore our fantastic qualified childcare jobs. 



Childcare Jobs 

Looking for that Childcare job but can't commit to full-time hours? We may have a childcare job that is perfect for you click below to explore more.


Childcare Apprenticeships

Are you of school leaving age and unsure of what to do or have your mindset on childcare? 

Click below to explore our childcare apprenticeship options.




Looking to become the next Gordon Ramsey or simply love catering?


We offer an array of catering roles across our nurseries! 


Temporary Childcare Jobs

Can't commit to a fixed childcare job? We offer fully flexible childcare jobs through our partners CG Recruitment click below to find out more about whats on offer! 

Childcare Interview - Preparation 


Childcare Interview Support

1.  What do I need to wear?

You should dress smart we would suggest some dark coloured trousers and a smart top. Make sure you do not come in high heels or raised platform shoes as the nursery may ask you to stay for a play session. 

2.  What do I need to know about the Nursery?

You could be asked questions about the Nursery you have applied for. But don't panic we have information about each nursery on their own website pages. Explore and make notes as you go! 

3.  What documents do I need to take?

We suggest that you take a file with all Childcare documents and exam certificates along with your Current CV as this will look professional. You may also want to take any written references that you have gained or testimonials you may have received from children or parents.

4.  What if I am running late?

 Allow plenty of time to get to the nursery if you are running late you may get stressed resulting in a not so positive interview. Try to arrive on time or 5 minutes before but not too early as they may not be ready for you in a busy Nursery!

5.  What questions will I be asked?

We have developed a list of sample questions in the section below. Please read these and write down some ideas for answers. 

6.  Prepare a list of questions you may ask at the end.

Write these questions down so you don’t forget them, this shows you are interested in the position we have developed another list below with sample questions you should ask the employer. 

7.  EYFS - Refresh you knowledge

Take a look at the Early Years Foundation Stage website to update yourself with latest updates.

1. Arrive on Time 

Always arrive on time or 5 minutes before, DO NOT arrive late! - If you are running late call the nursery prior to make them aware that you will be late. 

2. Stay relaxed 

Always easier said than done, try to think about the fact you have made it this far and they are giving their time up to speak to you. 

3. Be politie 

On arrival give them a handshake wait until you are asked to sit down. Throughout the interview use a soft tone and if you struggle with a question simply tell them. We are all human after all! 

4. Give detailed answers

When asked a question you will be expected to give a detailed response, avoid yes and no answers and try to always use an example of your previous experience i.e My main reason for wanting to work in childcare is because... 

5. Eye contact

Try to always keep eye contact with the interviewer, don't get distracted by looking out the window as they will think you simply are disinterested. 

6. Thank them

At the end of the interview don't forget to say "Thank you for your time". They after all have given up part of their day to interview you., 

Below are some childcare interview questions which you should expect to be asked in an interview. Practice your answers for all of these questions and take notes. 


Q:  What is your favourite aspect of working with children? What is your least favourite?

Q:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Q:  How would you discipline a child?

Q:  How would you deal with a child who has received a head injury?

Q:  If a parent came to collect a child who you didn’t recognise, what would you do?

Q:  What is your understanding of the EYFS? 

Q:  Can you name the areas of learning?

Q:  Who are OFSTED and what do they do?

Q:  Could you tell me what activities you could prepare for a 2-3 Year Old?

Q:  Could you tell me what are the childcare ratio requirements in the UK. 

Q:  Do you have any experience in working with children with special needs?

Q:  What training courses have you attended? (Remember first aid, manual handling, music courses, and activity courses).

Q: Is there any training that you would like to do in the future?

Q:  What are your best attributes or what can you offer the Nursery? This is basically what you are best at in a team.

Q:  They may ask if you have any holidays planned – Most employers will honour any previous commitments.

Childcare Interview - The Interview 

Childcare Interview - Childcare Interview Questions

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