Aim & philosophy

Our teaching follows the concept of Active Learning through Purposeful Play. This is learning through action and activities rather than instruction - Learning is doing, discovering, exploring new

sensations while involved in play

related activities both inside and


Our children spend time with their

Child Development Supporter,

building trust and friendship whilst

exploring their environment and

having fun.  The start point for early

year’s education is achieved

through play, using activities and

toys in a variety of ways to keep

learning fun. 

The children are not pushed to

achieve, but are given

encouragement and the toys,

resources and materials to help

them to discover and to enjoy learning at their own pace.  The various activities are designed to stimulate each individual child in different ways e.g. developing their social skills, and across a range of different learning areas. 

As your child progresses they are introduced to phonics, writing, numeracy, basic technology, and the world around us.  Working on the computer, optional French and music lessons bring added enjoyment and interest.  All of these topics are covered by the Foundation Stage which is inspected regularly by Ofsted.  They prepare a report which is always available for you to see.

Decorating easter Eggs