Superhero's for the Win!

Children love superhero playtime where they can take on the persona of their favourite hero who has super powers. Super powers don't have to be bravery or strength, invisibility and kindness are also super powers and should be embraced.

We embrace superheroes at our nurseries, as we feel we can harness superhero play in a positive way and to help with Early Years Foundation Stage. One spokesperson from PACEY (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years) stated "Being a superhero makes children feel good about themselves and in control of their world. Superheroes are larger than life and they can overcome obstacles and evil." If you were about to start school you may have to suddenly control your behaviour better and learn to read and write. Being a superhero gives children a break from reality and that control from teachers and parents. Further research into superhero play has shown physical benefits due jumping, running and therefore a great way to keep children active.

At Cherry Childcare we believe all of our childcare staff are superheroes committing their lives to helping others and encouraging the children to join them and be super......Not that they need much encouragement!

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