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At Cherry Childcare we have gone green. People and businesses are using this phrase a lot but what does this really mean?

Well for us it means creating, teaching and learning.

We are creating a green future by using sustainable initiatives to decrease our use of single use plastics, to dispose of our waste in the most sustainable way and to introduce measures to ensure we are doing everything in our power to help save the planet.

We are teaching the children what it means to be sustainable and all about our environment to make it a happy, safe and clean place in the future. We also are teaching ourselves by learning from the companies and charities we have partnered with what we could do not only at work but at home.

We are learning new ways to increase sustainability at Cherry Childcare, new ways to recycle, up cycle and reuse waste products which would have just been sent to landfill.

Keep an eye out on our website from the Go Green Splat for more information about our green initiatives.

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