Cardboard Box = Endless Fun!

Cardboard boxes are the key to endless fun!

Simply put out some cardboard boxes and see where it takes you. You can do Anything.. from creating a space ship to getting arty making cardboard animals!! You could talk to your child and ask what they would like to make with the box. Suggestions include:

•    Creating cardboard animals simply cut out the cardboard into shapes and try to create a dog, cat or even something bigger..... an Elephant???
•    Create a house! or a den!..... Get the colouring pens/pencils and make it perfect!
•    Robot costumes by cutting a hole in the top of the box for your child’s head and holes in the sides for their arms. Place the box over your child’s head so it will fit through the hole and slide their arms through the holes at the sides. When you know it fits you can paint it or cover it with tin foil, drawing or sticking on cut out shapes for buttons and other gadgets.
•    Make a road... draw road marking and get the toy cars out! 
•    Large constructions by building boxes on top of each other to create towers or using them to make boats or cars that the children can sit in.

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