Summer Vegetarian Menu 2018

Copy of our menu and the diary dates so you can check to see what meals your child has eaten at nursery.


Cherry Childcare

Standard Vegetarian Menu 2018

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four


30th April

28th May

25th June

23rd July

20th August

17th September

9th April

7th May

4th June

2nd July

30th July

27th August

24th September

16th April

14th May

11th June

9th July

6th August

3rd September

23rd April

21st May

18th June

16th July

13th August

10th September


Veggie Sausage & Mushroom Tagliatelle served with Seasonal Vegetables

Apple & Raspberry Crumble

served with Ice Cream


Cheese & Spring Onion Crisp Bakes Served with Beans and Pitta

Frozen Fromage Frais & Raisins

Vegetable Ragu severed with rice noodles

Semolina with Mango Coulis


Veggie Bacon, Cheese & Potato Pie

served with Peas

Melon Medley

Butternut & Mixed Pepper Risotto served with Seasonal Vegetables

Gingerbread Cake


Cheese Ploughman's

Frozen Fromage Frais & Sultanas

Mediterranean Veggie Mince with Couscous & Seasonal Vegetables

Vanilla Ground Rice Pudding with Peach Coulis


Minestrone Soup served with a Bread Roll

Satsuma's & Apple


Quorn Shepherd’s Pie served with

Seasonal Vegetables

Banana Custard


Moroccan Vegetable Couscous

Oatmeal Scotchies

Tomato and Sweet potato bake

served with Broccoli

Lemon Cake


Summer Vegetable Soup served

with Bread roll

Frozen Fromage Frais & Sultanas

Quorn Sausage served with Yorkshire Pudding & a Medley of Vegetables

Summer Fruit Cheesecake


Cheese Jackets served with Vegetables Sticks

Apple & Pineapple

Hunters BBQ Quorn Chicken& Pasta served with Seasonal vegetables

Yoghurt Crumble served with Berry Coulis


Cheese & Tomato & Pineapple Pizza

Served with vegetables sticks

Frozen Fromage Frais & Sultanas


Macaroni & Cauliflower Bake

Summer Fruit Jelly


Veggie Sausage Rolls served with

Vegetable Sticks

Fruity Flapjack

Quorn Chicken Pot Pie served with

Seasonal Vegetables

Raspberry Blancmange


Quorn Deli Ploughman's

Satsuma’s and Banana

Quorn Mince & Vegetable Spaghetti Bolognaise

Rice Pudding served with Raspberry Coulis


Tomato, Red Onion & Thyme Puff Slice served

with Cucumber, Celery & Red Pepper

Date & Apple Snack Bar

Vegetable & Lentil Lasagne

Peach & Mandarin Jelly


Cheese & Quorn Bacon Quesadillas

Melon Medley


Mixed Bean & Pasta Bake

Mandarin Topped Cheesecake


Vegetable Enchilada

Apples & Pears

Quorn Mince Lasagne served with Sweetcorn

Tropical Fruit Salad


Cheese & Tomato Strips served with

Cucumber and Carrot Sticks

Frozen Fromage Frais& Raisins

Quorn Chicken & Roast Potatoes

served with Peas & Carrots

Pear Crumble served with Dream Topping


Cream Cheese Bagels with Cucumber Sticks

& Cherry Tomatoes

Frozen Fromage Frais & Dried Apricots

Quorn Sausages served with Mash,

Green Beans & Carrots

Summer Fruit Salad


Mixed Bean Pasta salad served with Garlic Bread

Fromage Frais& Raisins


Quorn Chicken Tikka Masala with Fluffy White Rice served with Naan Bread

Courgette & Orange Cake


Cheese Ploughman's

Frozen Fromage Frais & Sultanas

Rainbow Brown Rice with Quorn Sausages

Apple Pie & Ice Cream


Cheese Pitta Pockets served with

Vegetable Sticks

Apricot & Mango Snack Bar

Vegetable Chilli & Rice

Simply Fruit


Cheese & Spring Onion Crisp Bakes

Served with Peas & Pitta Bread

Cherry Shortbread Finger

Cheese & Spring Onion Crisp Bakes served with Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables

Fruit Fool


Egg & Cress Wholemeal Sandwiches

served with Vegetable Sticks

Kiwi & Bananas