Funded Childcare

Please find below information about the 15 and 30 Hours Funded Childcare.


The current 15 hours of Free Entitlement is now known as the Universal 15 Hours and applies to all 3 year olds.

The additional 15 hours which is subject to an eligibility criteria is known as the Extended 15 Hours.

Together they make up the 30 Hours.


Funded Hours Myth Buster -


  1. The hours are not "free" but are funded by the Local Authority.
  2. The funded hours do not include the cost of meals, snacks or other items. The costs of these are included in your non funded hours.
  3. The maximum hours in a year which is claimable is 570 Universal and an additional 570 Extended (if eligible) totalling 1140 hours.
  4. In the small print what is not made clear - Local Authority funding is only paid for 38 weeks a year and not 52. As children in our care attend all year we stretch the funding over the full year to provide you with equalised payments.
From 1st September 2018 all nurseries will be offering Flexible Funding for children attending all year. For more information please ask the Nursery Manager.


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VERY Important -

  • HMRC codes MUST be obtained BEFORE each "term" start date that you wish to claim the Extended Hours.

Please click here for the Extended 15 Hours Request Form

  • You will need this form to request Extended 15 Hours whether you intend to increase your child's current sessions or not.
  • You cannot request sessions until you have the 12 digit HMRC eligibility code. To obtain your code please see the HMRC eligibility website for more details .
  • You will need an active Direct Debit
  • We may not be able to support claims of hours across different settings unless they are operating on the same claim parameters as ourselves
  • Other Terms and Conditions apply

More information visit the Government's - Childcare Choices website
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