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What to Expect Child Development Guide


This guide is to help you to understand what to expect as your child develops in early years.


Click on the link for more information - What to Expect Child Development Guide



Paying For Your Childcare

Please find advice on paying for your childcare including:


  • Tax Free childcare
  • 3 Year Old Funded Hours
  • Childcare Voucher Payments
  • Booking Extra Sessions
  • Changing Sessions
  • Late Payment of Fees



Click here for - Paying For Your Childcare




Summer Vegetarian Menu 2018

Copy of our menu and the diary dates so you can check to see what meals your child has eaten at nursery.


Cherry Childcare

Standard Vegetarian Menu 2018

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four


30th April

28th May

25th June

23rd July

20th August

17th September

9th April

7th May

4th June

2nd July

30th July

27th August

24th September

16th April

14th May

11th June

9th July

6th August

3rd September

23rd April

21st May

18th June

16th July

13th August

10th September


Veggie Sausage & Mushroom Tagliatelle served with Seasonal Vegetables

Apple & Raspberry Crumble

served with Ice Cream


Cheese & Spring Onion Crisp Bakes Served with Beans and Pitta

Frozen Fromage Frais & Raisins

Vegetable Ragu severed with rice noodles

Semolina with Mango Coulis


Veggie Bacon, Cheese & Potato Pie

served with Peas

Melon Medley

Butternut & Mixed Pepper Risotto served with Seasonal Vegetables

Gingerbread Cake


Cheese Ploughman's

Frozen Fromage Frais & Sultanas

Mediterranean Veggie Mince with Couscous & Seasonal Vegetables

Vanilla Ground Rice Pudding with Peach Coulis


Minestrone Soup served with a Bread Roll

Satsuma's & Apple


Quorn Shepherd’s Pie served with

Seasonal Vegetables

Banana Custard


Moroccan Vegetable Couscous

Oatmeal Scotchies

Tomato and Sweet potato bake

served with Broccoli

Lemon Cake


Summer Vegetable Soup served

with Bread roll

Frozen Fromage Frais & Sultanas

Quorn Sausage served with Yorkshire Pudding & a Medley of Vegetables

Summer Fruit Cheesecake


Cheese Jackets served with Vegetables Sticks

Apple & Pineapple

Hunters BBQ Quorn Chicken& Pasta served with Seasonal vegetables

Yoghurt Crumble served with Berry Coulis


Cheese & Tomato & Pineapple Pizza

Served with vegetables sticks

Frozen Fromage Frais & Sultanas


Macaroni & Cauliflower Bake

Summer Fruit Jelly


Veggie Sausage Rolls served with

Vegetable Sticks

Fruity Flapjack

Quorn Chicken Pot Pie served with

Seasonal Vegetables

Raspberry Blancmange


Quorn Deli Ploughman's

Satsuma’s and Banana

Quorn Mince & Vegetable Spaghetti Bolognaise

Rice Pudding served with Raspberry Coulis


Tomato, Red Onion & Thyme Puff Slice served

with Cucumber, Celery & Red Pepper

Date & Apple Snack Bar

Vegetable & Lentil Lasagne

Peach & Mandarin Jelly


Cheese & Quorn Bacon Quesadillas

Melon Medley


Mixed Bean & Pasta Bake

Mandarin Topped Cheesecake


Vegetable Enchilada

Apples & Pears

Quorn Mince Lasagne served with Sweetcorn

Tropical Fruit Salad


Cheese & Tomato Strips served with

Cucumber and Carrot Sticks

Frozen Fromage Frais& Raisins

Quorn Chicken & Roast Potatoes

served with Peas & Carrots

Pear Crumble served with Dream Topping


Cream Cheese Bagels with Cucumber Sticks

& Cherry Tomatoes

Frozen Fromage Frais & Dried Apricots

Quorn Sausages served with Mash,

Green Beans & Carrots

Summer Fruit Salad


Mixed Bean Pasta salad served with Garlic Bread

Fromage Frais& Raisins


Quorn Chicken Tikka Masala with Fluffy White Rice served with Naan Bread

Courgette & Orange Cake


Cheese Ploughman's

Frozen Fromage Frais & Sultanas

Rainbow Brown Rice with Quorn Sausages

Apple Pie & Ice Cream


Cheese Pitta Pockets served with

Vegetable Sticks

Apricot & Mango Snack Bar

Vegetable Chilli & Rice

Simply Fruit


Cheese & Spring Onion Crisp Bakes

Served with Peas & Pitta Bread

Cherry Shortbread Finger

Cheese & Spring Onion Crisp Bakes served with Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables

Fruit Fool


Egg & Cress Wholemeal Sandwiches

served with Vegetable Sticks

Kiwi & Bananas



Winter Vegetarian Menu

Copy of our menu and the diary dates so you can check to see what meals your child has eaten at nursery.





Cherry Childcare

Standard Vegetarian Winter Menu 2017/2018

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four


9th October

6th November

1st December

8th January

5th February

5th March

2nd April

16th October

13th November

11th December

15th January

12th February

12th March

23rd October

20th November

18th December

22nd January

19th February

19th March

30th October

27th November

1st January

29th January

26th February

26th March


Mixed Bean & Pasta Bake served with

Seasonal Vegetables

Fruit Salad served with a Sponge Finger

Quorn Deli & Cheese Pitta Pockets served with Vegetable Sticks

Fromage Frais & Sultanas

Tex Mex Veggie Mince Chilli Jackets served with Seasonal Vegetables

Ground Rice Pudding with Banana

Veggie Fingers served with Baked Beans & Brown Bread & Butter

Apple & Kiwi

Veggie Bacon Strips & Bean Feast with Pasta Shells served with Seasonal Vegetables

Spiced Pear Crumble served with Custard

Cream Cheese Bagels with Vegetable Sticks

Fruity Flapjack

Cheesy Leek & Broccoli Pasta

Ginger Bread & Vanilla Sauce

Mixed Bean, Sweetcorn & Potato Pie

Fromage Frais & Raisins


Quorn & Vegetable Curry served with

White Rice & Naan Bread

Butterscotch Tart with Dream Topping

Ratatouille with New Potatoes

Satsuma’s & Banana

Vegetable Lasagne Verdi served with

Seasonal Vegetables

Feather Light Apple & Rhubarb Pudding served with Custard

Quorn Pepperoni Slices & Pepper Paella

Fromage Frais & Sultanas

Veggie Mince & Potato Moussaka served with Seasonal Vegetables

Ground Rice Pudding & Fruit Puree

Carrot & Lentil Soup served with Brown Bread & Butter

Fromage Frais & Sultanas

Roast Quorn, Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding served with Seasonal Vegetables & Gravy

Mandarin & Peach Trifle

Butternut Squash & Coriander Soup served with

½ Brown Roll

Banana Cake


Veggie Sausage Rolls served with

Seasonal Vegetables

Ground Rice Pudding & Raspberry Coulis

Tricolour Pasta Bows in a

Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Melon Medley

Roast Quorn, Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding served with Seasonal Vegetables & Gravy

Mandarin Topped Cheesecake

Tomato & Herb Soup served with ½ Brown Roll

Date & Apple Snack Bar

Vegetable & Lentil Stew & Dumplings

Ginger Biscuits & Apple Slices

Tomato & Vegetable Pasta

Served with Sweetcorn

Satsuma’s & Banana

Veggie Mince & Vegetable Spaghetti Bolognaise

Fruit Salad served with a Sponge Finger

Homemade Scone Based Pizza topped with Quorn Deli Slices & Pineapple

Fromage Frais & Sultanas


Macaroni & Broccoli Cheese served with Seasonal Vegetables

Carrot Cake & Custard

Veggie Bacon Strips, Pepper &

Coriander Cous Cous

Fromage Frais & Raisins

Quorn Sausage & Pepper Casserole served with Boiled Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables

Apple Crumble served with Ice Cream

Cheese & Tomato Wholemeal Sandwiches served with Vegetable Sticks

Pear & Pineapple

Tomato Topped Sweet Potato Pie served with Seasonal Vegetables

Pineapple Upside Down Cake served with Custard

Veggie Sausage Rolls served with Vegetable Sticks

Cherry Shortbread Finger

Quorn Sausages served with

Seasonal Vegetables with Gravy

Baked Rice Pudding

Veggie Fingers served with Baked Beans & Brown Bread & Butter

Satsuma’s & Bananas


Veggie Mince Cottage Pie served with

Seasonal Vegetables

Blancmange & Peach Slices

Winter Vegetable Soup served with

Wholemeal Bread & Butter

Apricot & Mango Snack Bar

Sausage Meat Free Meatballs & Cous Cous served with Peas, Broccoli & veggie gravy

Fruit Salad & Shortbread

Homemade Scone Based Pizza topped with Pineapple & Mixed Peppers, served with

Vegetable Sticks

Fromage Frais & Raisins

Quorn & Leek Pie

Lemon Cheesecake

Cheese & Quorn Bacon Quesadillas

Melon Medley

Salmon & Broccoli Pasta

Apricot Crumble served with Custard

Quorn Deli Wholemeal Sandwiches

served with Tomato Wedges

Apple & Pears

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Funded Childcare

Please find below information about the 15 and 30 Hours Funded Childcare.


The current 15 hours of Free Entitlement is now known as the Universal 15 Hours and applies to all 3 year olds.

The additional 15 hours which is subject to an eligibility criteria is known as the Extended 15 Hours.

Together they make up the 30 Hours.


Funded Hours Myth Buster -


  1. The hours are not "free" but are funded by the Local Authority.
  2. The funded hours do not include the cost of meals, snacks or other items. The costs of these are included in your non funded hours.
  3. The maximum hours in a year which is claimable is 570 Universal and an additional 570 Extended (if eligible) totalling 1140 hours.
  4. In the small print what is not made clear - Local Authority funding is only paid for 38 weeks a year and not 52. As children in our care attend all year we stretch the funding over the full year to provide you with equalised payments.
From 1st September 2018 all nurseries will be offering Flexible Funding for children attending all year. For more information please ask the Nursery Manager.


Existing Clients - Frequently Asked Questions - please click here for our latest FAQ's


Check your eligibility for 30 hours funded childcare - click here


VERY Important -

  • HMRC codes MUST be obtained BEFORE each "term" start date that you wish to claim the Extended Hours.

Please click here for the Extended 15 Hours Request Form

  • You will need this form to request Extended 15 Hours whether you intend to increase your child's current sessions or not.
  • You cannot request sessions until you have the 12 digit HMRC eligibility code. To obtain your code please see the HMRC eligibility website for more details .
  • You will need an active Direct Debit
  • We may not be able to support claims of hours across different settings unless they are operating on the same claim parameters as ourselves
  • Other Terms and Conditions apply

More information visit the Government's - Childcare Choices website
Any questions - Contact Us




Winter Menu

Copy of our menu and the diary dates so you can check to see what meals your child has eaten at nursery.




Infection Control

The purpose of this document is to help us ensure a safe and healthy environment for all children within our care. At Cherry Childcare to reduce the risk of infections we:

Provide protective clothing and equipment for staff in accordance with  company


Have daily, weekly and monthly routine sterilising processes in  place.

Outside contract cleaners clean  premises daily.

If an outbreak occurs a deep clean is completed in the appropriate area/by

nursery staff and contract cleaners.

It is a fact that children will get ill. By following the guidelines in this policy it reduces unnecessary exposure to illnesses and ensures infections are managed effectively creating a happy and healthy Nursery for all.

If at any time there are any infectious diseases present at the Nursery this will be clearly displayed at the entrance to the room where the infection has occurred.

This leaflet will cover:

What happens if my child is ill at Nursery? What happens if my child is ill at home?

Key guidelines for exclusion.

Information for Pregnant Mothers.

Should your child become ill they should only return to Nursery when your child is over any symptoms in accordance with the guidelines shown in this policy leaflet and are well enough to do so.

What happens if my child is ill at Nursery?

If your child becomes ill at Nursery his/her condition is brought to the attention of one of the senior members of staff / Manager.

A decision is then taken based upon the symptoms including any visible signs and the child’s body temperature as to whether you are immediately informed or whether continued monitoring of the child should occur.

Should a child’s condition deteriorate you will be contacted by a member of the team and actions will be agreed. This could include administering of medicines or collection of the child in more serious cases or if more acute symptoms are present (e.g. vomiting or diarrhoea).

What happens if my child is ill at home?

Depending upon the symptoms you may have to consider excluding your child from the Nursery in accordance with our guidelines later in this document.

Should your child be well enough to attend we do require you to notify us of any illness that has occurred. This ensures our team is able to monitor for any signs of reoccurrence or for unusual child behavior. In extreme cases this will also ensure any symptoms of infectious diseases are picked up early and managed effectively.

Key Guidelines for Exclusion

Based upon Public Health England guidance we adhere to the following exclusion periods depending upon the symptoms and illness.

No Exclusion Head Lice Conjunctivitis Tonsillitis Roseola Slapped Check Threadworms

Hand, Foot and Mouth

48 Hours

Vomiting – after last symptom Diarrhoea – after last symptom Impetigo – until lesions are crusted & healed or 48 hours after antibiotic  treatment



4 Days from symptoms

*German Measles


Chicken Pox – until vesicles have crusted over

5 Days from  symptoms

*Whooping Cough – 5 days from commencing antibiotics

*Mumps – 5 days after onset of swelling


*Scarlet Fever – can return 24 hours after commencing antibiotics

Scabies – after first treatment

Ringworm – exclusion not normally required


*Notifiable Diseases

There is a list of notifiable diseases, the nursery has a duty to keep records of any children who have suffered from any of these illnesses. Some are named in this leaflet and are shown by a ‘*’ by the relevant illness.

In these cases we work closely with you the parents, PHE and Ofsted to ensure we follow any additional advice that may be given.

If there is an outbreak of an infectious disease and/or following advice provided by Public Health England Cherry Childcare may increase the exclusion periods in order to manage the infection and reduce further transmission.


Information for Pregnant Mothers

There are a number of infections which can be harmful to the unborn baby.

These include: Chicken Pox

*German Measles (Rubella) Slapped Cheek


If you or your child has been at the Nursery when one of the above infections is present we advise you to see your GP/Midwife to check if you are immune and seek their professional medical advice.

As a responsible childcare provider following advice from Public Health England we recommend that all children follow the ‘Routine childhood immunisation programme’.

This reduces the risk of exposure to children in our care of infectious diseases.

(Please ask the nursery office for the relevant childhood immunisation booklet if parents have not received in their welcome pack)

However, we are aware that the immunisation programme is not legislative.


We are happy to administer the giving of antibiotics if your child has been prescribed them. Please ensure you discuss with the team your child’s illness, dosage & frequency and any possible side effects your child may have from the medication.

How can YOU help?

You can help support infection control by following the guidance in this policy and encouraging good personal hygiene:

Using the hand sanitizers on entering the building

Regular hand washing with soap Covering your mouth when you cough/sneeze

and using a tissue where possible Disposing of tissues into the rubbish bin (with

lids) promptly and carefully Cleaning hard surfaces e.g. door handles

Making sure all children are encouraged and supported to follow the above.

For more information

For more informationcontact: www.publichealth.hscni.netor



-health-england www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk

Parents Guide to Cherry Childcare

A guide to Childcare with Cherry Childcare. Please download the PDF version here.

Terms and Conditions


Cherry Childcare - Terms and Conditions

Effective From 1stJune 2018

The following terms and conditions are a contract between the Nursery and Parent / Guardian / Carer (You/Your) for the provision of child day care services by Cherry Childcare Ltd/Nursery Rhymes (H.I.) Ltd (Us/We/Our) to your Child (includes child in our care).

The following Terms and Conditions replace all previous contractual agreements whether written or spoken.

1. Starting Nursery & Fees

1.1. You will receive a fee quotation prior to registering your child.

1.2. Our fees are calculated on the basis of the weekly charge for the sessions booked, multiplied by 52 (weeks) and then divided by 12 (months) to create a fixed monthly charge.

1.3. Our fees are calculated to care for your child based upon standard Ofsted ratios. Where after any reasonable adjustment it is identified that your child requires additional support, additional fees will apply.

1.4. Fees are payable monthly in advance. We do not accept any payment by cash or cheque except for deposit and registration fees.

1.5. Your child can start at nursery once the first months fees are paid in advance.

1.6. Fees are payable during periods of absence including sickness, holidays, during public and bank holidays and when the nursery is closed.

1.7. We may increase our fees once per year. We will notify you in advance of any such increases.

1.8. To register your child for a place at the nursery you must complete the Registration Form, pay a registration fee and deposit unless funded only.

1.9. Should you need to change your booked sessions before your child starts you will need to complete a “Change of Sessions Request Form”. Note - If you reduce/increase sessions before your child starts all changes are subject to availability and require a minimum of 2 months notice.

1.10. Funded only places where available can only be requested 1 month prior to the anticipated start date.

1.11. Any deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your place.

1.12. The deposit paid is deducted from any outstanding balance on your last months fee invoice

1.13. When your child is eligible for a funded place you will be required to sign a parent declaration and you will be provided with an indicative quote which shows our fees including the funded entitlement hours.

1.14. No payment will be treated as made until it is showing as cleared funds in our bank account.

1.15. If you are paying by voucher, tax free childcare or other means please ensure your payment reference is the nursery prefix (e.g. CB) followed by your Child’s name.

1.16. Voucher payments, tax free childcare payments made after the 15thday of month date will be credited on the following months invoice.

1.17. Where multiple payment methods are used with a direct debit the direct debit will claim the outstanding balance in full.

1.18. Your Nursery fees invoice will be emailed to you on or around 15thmonth.

1.19. If you are collecting children late or dropping off early from/to the nursery this will be subject to an additional charge. Charges are made every 15 minutes or part thereof.

2. Late/Non Payment of Fees

2.1. If you cannot pay your invoice in full or in part you must in the first instance contact us so that we can agree with you how your ongoing nursery fees are to be met.

2.2. If your account is in arrears as at the 10th of the month we will make an administration charge of £25 and we reserve the right to charge interest on late fees at the rate of 2% over the HSBC Bank rate per month.

2.3. If your direct debit is rejected or returned unpaid we will make an administration charge of £25.

2.4. If your nursery fees account is in arrears as at the 10th of the month you will be unable to book extra sessions, extras or additional activities.

2.5. Your child will be excluded from attending the nursery if the nursery fees are in arrears after 30 days from the payment date unless an agreed and signed payment plan is in place.

2.6. If a payment plan is agreed, a failure to maintain payments in line with the plan will result in exclusion until agreed payments are received.

2.7. If after 60 days your nursery fees are in arrears your child’s place may be terminated by us.

3. Changes to Your Care Arrangements

3.1. To help us manage staffing and resources we require 2 monthsnotice in writing (Change of Sessions Request Form) if you wish to reduce or increase the sessions/days you require.

3.2. Temporary/ad hoc changes to sessions/days booked is not permitted.

3.3. Should you require extra sessions you must complete an Extra Sessions Request Form. Terms and conditions do apply. These sessions are subject to availability of spaces and staffing requirements.

3.4. Should you wish to cancel your contract with us we will require 2 month’s notice in writing from you. Fees are payable in full during the notice period.

3.5. If in the opinion of the nursery manager or person of similar standing or authority it is considered that after making reasonable adjustments the continued presence of your child is detrimental to the health, safety or well-being of the child, other children, or our staff then the nursery may serve you notice or a request for the child to be immediately removed from the nursery. Under these circumstances the notice period shall be 1 month. Should we require your child to be immediately removed no notice period shall apply.

4. Use of E-Technology

4.1. Cherry Childcare uses e-technology to record information such as; child daily activity, child observations and your payment history. This is not an exhaustive list. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are agreeing to provide an email address so that you can access this data about your child. Cherry Childcare is not required to provide alternative ways to keep you informed about your child’s development.

5. Health & Well Being

5.1. You are required to cooperate with us and provide information as we may reasonably require about a child. This includes:

5.1.1. Any known medical condition, health problem, allergy or diagnosed dietary requirement,

5.1.2. Any suspected medical or health problem,

5.1.3. Any prescribed medicine

5.1.4. Any lack of vaccination which your child would normally have by their age

5.1.5. Any family circumstances or court orders affecting your child

5.1.6. Any concerns about your child’s safety.

5.1.7. Any support your family has received from outside agencies i.e Health Visitor, Children’s Services

5.2. You are required to notify us of any changes to your details or information about your child.

5.3. If your child is unwell they should not attend the nursery as detailed in our Infection Control Policy. We ask that you contact the Nursery Manager to inform them of the absence. This is to ensure we are able to effectively communicate to all parents any communicable diseases in the nursery.

5.4. If a child becomes unwell whilst in our care we will contact you or the emergency contact detailed on the registration form. If the Manager deems that the child is not well enough to remain at Nursery you may be requested to arrange collection of your child.

5.5. We will work with you to cater for specific diagnosed dietary and medical requirements of individual children. You have a duty of care to notify the nursery manager in writing if there are changes to a special diet or medical condition so that we can ensure all paperwork is updated in line with these changes. Any information by a third party in relation to the medical or dietary condition must also be shared with the nursery.

5.6. We have a duty of care to report to Local Authority, Ofsted, Police, Health professional or your Childs next setting any safeguarding incident or concerns where we consider a child may be at risk of harm or neglect. In exceptional circumstances this may be done without the prior knowledge of you until we have sought external advice.

6. Events Beyond Our Control

6.1. If any event beyond our reasonable control for example; transport strikes, severe adverse weather conditions, personal health or acts of terrorism occurs we may close the nursery. In these circumstances we will not be held responsible and will not issue refunds for such forced closures.

7. General Conditions

7.1. We will not tolerate under any circumstances,behaviourtowards our Management or Nursery staff teams which is deemed to be threatening, abusive or violent. We will also not tolerate any actions which bring the nursery into disrepute without the nursery having a reasonable opportunity to address any concerns. Any such behaviour/actions may result in termination of the nursery place or a refusal to allow a person onto our premises.

7.2. We do not accept responsibility for any accidental injury and/or damage to or loss of property. We advise you to ensure all clothing and personal items are clearly marked with your child’s name.

7.3. We maintain insurances required by law, details of which are available from the Nursery Manager. Copies of the current Employer’s Liability and Public Liability Insurance policies are displayed on the notice board at the nursery.

7.4. Where a member of staff, within three months of leaving our employment and is employed by you to care for a child, who was previously registered at the nursery, then you will be liable to pay us a sum equivalent to 10% of their annual salary for the employee at the time their employment with us was terminated.

7.5. Should you approach a member of staff about providing a baby sitting service this is permitted but as a private arrangement between you and the person and providing it does not interfere in any way with their employment with us. Staff members responsibilities in relation to safeguarding continue.

7.6. You are agreeing to our Data Privacy Notice as published from time to time. You will be notified of any changes to this notice.

8. Data Protection & Use of Images

8.1. Cherry Childcare will manage your data in accordance with our Data Privacy Notice as applicable from time to time. A copy of the Data Privacy Notice is available on request and online at http://www.cherrychildcare.co.uk/privacy-policy.html.

8.2. Other than where consent is given images or recordings of your child for any purpose will not be taken by the nursery. Whist consent can be withdrawn at any time in accordance with the Data Privacy Notice it may not be possible to remove images that are already in circulation or published.

8.3. During special nursery events carers and family members at the discretion of the manager will be allowed to take recordings and images. Any recordings/images are for personal use and under no circumstances should any images/recordings that include other children should appear on social networking sites/internet.

9. Changes to These Terms and Conditions

9.1. These terms and conditions apply unless they are in any policy issued by us or letter that is signed by both you and us. In the case of any uncertainty as to which terms and conditions apply, these terms and conditions will apply.

9.2. If we make changes to our terms and conditions, we will give you at least one month’s notice of our intention to do so.

Pre-School Clothing Order

If you would like to order pre-school shirts and other items please click on the link below:


Pre-school Clothing Order


The service is provided by Tesco UES.  Items are normally delivered within 14 days.


On your first order - if £25 or more enter code UES2014 and get a £5 discount (terms and conditions apply).

Recommend a Friend

Recommend a friend and receive a weeks* free childcare.





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